Our Services

Fund Administration

EFSI serves as the official books and records of the fund, recording all aspects of a fund’s trading activity, and validating pricing in accordance with the fund’s pricing policy and prices published by third party pricing sources such as Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters, etc.  EFSI has the flexibility to customize reports, providing the investment manager with a comprehensive analysis of fund performance and transparent communication of fund results to investors.

EFSI records all aspects of our clients' portfolio company holdings beginning with equity or debt securities transactions and storing key parameters (e.g. conversion ratios, expiration dates, payment schedules and restrictions).  Portfolio investment valuations are updated in accordance with the fund’s pricing policies, to allow for monitoring of overall fund performance.  In addition, we have the flexibility to customize reports, providing the investment manager with a comprehensive analysis of fund performance and transparent communication of fund results to investors.

The Paxus platform features an integrated allocation engine which can perform complex calculations such as waterfalls, tiered hurdle rates, and claw-backs, as well as an extensive design allowing EFSI to customize fee calculations for its clients. EFSI’s reporting platform provides complete transparency, while offering multi-currency support and flexible reporting.  For distribution of investor statements, EFSI also offers a secure investor web-portal featuring a two-factor authentication process and the ability to securely partition folders inside the data room for controlled access.

Capital Introduction Program

As a private fund administration company, EFSI in a unique position to provide professional introduction and marketing of our clients, alternative investment managers, to institutional clients and high net worth investors. We are strategically positioned share our clients information with  established, tenured and start-up, emerging trading advisors in the Alternative Investment universe, as well as make introductions to well established third-party marketing firms and FINRA registered broker dealers.

EFSI will review our client's trading strategy and marketing materials in an effort to discern any weaknesses or flaws that may exist in the existing marketing materials. We will work with you to fully understand your investment strategy as well as the nuances within your strategy that gives your fund a niche/edge over your competitors. It is this understanding that allows us to bridge an information gap between yourself and the investor community and to thoroughly educate investors on your trading strategies/models. Equally as important are the quantitative hurdles that each advisor must meet through the performance of their programs. EFSI utilizes well established, industry volatility measurements to quantifying the statistical value of each manager's trading and investment performance.

When appropriate, EFSI will provide you with contacts made-up of various investors that would be appropriate to our client's investment strategy profile:    

  • Private Pensions    
  • Corporate Pensions    
  • Public Pensions   
  • Single-Advisor Funds/Fund of Funds/Multi-Advisor Funds    
  • Hedge Funds/Fund of Funds    
  • Insurance Investments Administrators    
  • Endowments    
  • Family Offices    
  • Trusts    
  • Financial Services Institutions    
  • Prime Services    
  • High Net Worth Investors

Whether our clients' objectives reveal absolute or relative performance-based outcomes, our network of investors should deliver optimal access to the most appropriate investor base. 

Advisory & Compliance Services

EFSI's offers Advisory Services to provide guidance and assistance to managers of early stage hedge funds and private equity funds, as well as established fund managers who seek to increase assets under management.  EFSI's Advisory Services assists in developing the marketing collateral necessary to implement a fund’s marketing strategy.  Products and services include the development and maintenance of a fund's pitch book and tear sheet, and the design and maintenance of a website.

EFSI understands the constantly evolving regulatory environment within the financial services industry, and the need for a robust compliance program. EFSI’s Outsourced Compliance solutions are customized to focus on risk detection for established companies, while designing critical compliance programs for start-up firms.

Outsourced Compliance professionals leverage a wide range of industry expertise including top tier banks, broker dealers, prime brokers, hedge funds, and private equity firms.  Regulatory compliance services are designed to support Financial Services firms, as well as specific instruments (e.g. equity and debt instruments, options, swaps, futures, and derivatives), as well as providing technology support for vendor systems including various trade management platforms, to ensure internal controls are designed properly to identify regulatory compliance risks.


Shadow Administration

As investment managers strive to strengthen their middle and back office operations, they realize the benefits of partnering with administrators like EFSI who provide expertise in trade capture, reconciliation, and price verification to ensure fund data is complete and accurate.  As a result, shadow administration is growing in popularity as investment managers offer their clients the additional level of comfort that a third party administrator is verifying their portfolio reporting. 

EFSI has implemented a solution to capture, reconcile and verify the pricing of portfolios to shadow the investment manager’s own back office reporting, while offering an important independent third party validation for investors.  Responsibility for accurate valuation reporting remains with the investment manager, but the addition of shadow administration when performed by EFSI provides a greater level of comfort for investors.

EFSI will assist investment managers who are performing certain fund accounting functions in-house, or who have contracted with a third party fund administrator, to customize a client’s shadow administration program to meet specific client needs.