Pacific Fund Systems (PFS-Paxus)

EFSI has partnered with PFS-Paxus, a fully integrated and multi-currency accounting platform, to provide clients with straight-through-processing and complete transparency.  PFS-Paxus is a specialist accounting and administration application system designed for alternative investment fund administration, integrating into one system all the processes normally performed on multiple systems.   These include securities portfolio accounting, profit allocation, advanced fee calculations and a share registry/transfer agency module.   Benefits of this approach include increased efficiency and scalability, the ability to support complex investment structures, reduced risk of error, and a simplified IT infrastructure.

A secure web-based portal, PFS Connect, is utilized to deliver robust reporting to investment managers and investors.  PFS Connect is tightly integrated within the core PFS-Paxus accounting platform, allowing our fund administration team to maintain and control the web access functions from within the core PFS-Paxus application.

Hedge Funds and Fund of Funds

EFSI utilizes Paxus, a fully integrated accounting and reporting platform, providing  comprehensive and multi-currency investment management solutions that support all aspects of fund portfolio management. With a true general ledger tightly integrated at the core of the system, all investment activity is recorded to provide complete audit trails for efficient drill down analysis, and proper auditing and reporting.  The Paxus platform provides fund managers with accurate information, transparency and foresight into a fund’s performance, and facilitates fee calculations, investor allocations, financial and account statement generation, and other reporting functionality.

Private Equity Funds and Fund of Funds

EFSI utilizes the Paxus accounting and reporting platform to support its Private Equity service offering, and to communicate with investment managers to provide timely reports and analysis.  The Paxus platform’s integrated investment lifecycle and allocation capabilities provide EFSI with a unique advantage in servicing private equity funds.  Paxus is scalable as the number and size of the portfolio investments grow, resulting in a cost effective service model to support NAV calculations, allocations, performance reports, investor capital statements, and capital call notices.